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lundi, janvier 29, 2007

Babelfish translator sucks!

Dear possible reader,

If you want to use the Babelfish translator below, fine. Go ahead. But I am not responsible of any injury you may suffer as you are reading the poorly translated posts (choking, bursting out laughing, falling off chair, etc.).

This blog is definitely best viewed with Firefox AND in French. Ha ha. :-DDD

3 commentaires:

Lora_3 a dit...

Ok pick on the poor middle aged American woman because she only speaks English and badly. LOL One of the biggest things that MyBlogLog has taught me is that Americans really need to learn more then one language. It's embarrassing.

Be safe...

Emilie a dit...

Thanks for your message =)

Here's another translator : Voila

It's more accurate than Babelfish but unfortunately there's no "widget" ... I think I'll add a link to this site though.

Dwacon a dit...

Babelfish is free and worth every penny. It is funny though... I go to Montreal and usually on the elevator at the Bonaventure someone starts speaking to me in French... and I give them my "duh" look. LOL.

Be well!